All teams must be registered prior to the Captain’s briefing to be held at 18:30 on
08th February 2025 at Le Morne Anglers’ Club

Teams should be comprised of a minimum of two and a maximum of four anglers.
There needs to be a minimum of 2 team members on board on each fishing day.
The organizers reserve the right to accommodate exceptional cases when special conditions
and or reserves may apply. Once registered, no change will be allowed in the team.
Only registered team members shall fish from the boat during the tournament.
Non-anglers or spectators may ride along on the boat but shall not be permitted to catch fish.


The International Game Fish Association Rules and the Competition Rules and Regulations
will apply to all catches. It is the responsibility of each team Captain and registered angler to
know, understand and abide by the international Game Fishing Association and
the South Indian Ocean Billfish Competition rules and regulations.


Fishing dates are : 09th February , 10th February – 12th & 13th February 2025.

The organisers reserve the right to fish four consecutive days within the week of the tournament and/or reduce the number of days in case of “force majeure”. Under such circumstances, the penalties’ clause will be amended accordingly. Fishing will start everyday at 7:00 and finish at 16:30, when all lines must be out of the water The official time reference used during the competition will be the time shown on the electronic clock at le Morne Anglers’ Club.


All lines must be out of the water at 16:30. If a fish is hooked and reported on the radio before 16:30 and the action is still on at and after 16:30, no penalty shall be imposed even if the fish is lost. There will be NO specific return time if a fish is hooked before 16:30. Should a fish be hooked after 16:30, the entire catch of the day will be disqualified.

No team is allowed to seek help for the purpose of catching, releasing, gaffing or boating a fish. Should a team receive any such help, the catch will be disqualified.


The Organisers reserve the right to check at random any boat and its fishing equipment.


The Competition will be fished exclusively on 130 Lb. Line test. Any lighter line used will be considered as 130 Lb Line test. We recommend the use of IGFA rated lines.


The use of live or dead bait is only allowed if rigged with non offset circle hooks.
It is brought to attention that the use of “J” hooks in live or dead bait, as may be shown as guideline in any IGFA or other illustration is not authorised in the South Indian Ocean Billfish Competition.


Any Marlin ( Blue, Black, Striped) estimated to weigh 400 lb. or less must be released.
All Sailfish and Spearfish must be released.
All sharks must be released (No points will be allowed for sharks).

All teams must provide their own camera (phone, Go- Pro, Webcam) to film the release for verification. All video recording devices must be synchronised with the official competition clock. To be eligible for points, the Team Captain must personally provide to the Scorer / Weighmaster continuous video footage showing clearly:
1. The leader in hand
2. The armband – color valid for the day- on the arm of the person holding the leader
3. The fish which should be clearly identifiable
4. The release
The video must be continuous and display the date and time of the action.
The release must be done by preferably removing the hook from the fish or by cutting the leader as close as possible to the hook.
The fish will also be considered released if:
The leader breaks while in hand.
The fish frees itself from the hook while the leader is in hand.
In both cases, the video footage must be submitted.


The fish is still hooked and the leader is released by the person holding it and the fish eventually frees itself ( breaks the leader or the line or the hook comes out).


Marlin ( Blue, Black, Striped) 400 points
Sailfish 125 points
Spearfish 25 points


Marlin gaffed and boated and weighing 400 lb. or less will not be eligible for points.
Any legally caught Marlin which has been boated and which weighs more than 400 lb. will be awarded 1.5 points per lb. Any Marlin weighing 400 lb. or less brought dead to the boat without having been gaffed or mutilated will be awarded 400 points, as applicable to a released fish. The fish will be inspected by the Jury for eligibility.


Any marlin (Blue, Black, striped) weighing more than 400 lb. may be gaffed and boated
All teams must provide their own camera (Phone, Go Pro, Webcam) to film the gaffing for verification. To be eligible for points, the team captain must personally provide to the scorer/weighmaster continuous video footage showing clearly:
1. The handling of the leader from the time the leader is first in hand up until the
2. The armband of the colour valid for the day, on the arm of the person holding the
3. The fish which should be clearly identifiable
Please note under no circumstances can anyone, other than the angler, touch the reel
the rod, the line and double line on which the fish is being fought as stipulated by the IGFA Rules and Regulations. The angler can touch the line between the reel and the first roller or guide.
Also note that more than one person is permitted to hold the leader. One or more crew or team members may assist to boat the fish in addition to the person holding the leader. Observance of rules and regulations values sportsmanship and fairplay.


100 points for the heaviest Marlin on each day.
100 points for the heaviest Marlin of the Competition

Any Marlin weighing 400 lb. or less brought dead to the boat and boated without having been gaffed or mutilated will not qualify for bonus points awarded to the heaviest marlin boated on any day or to the heaviest marlin of the competition.


A bonus will be awarded to the angler(s) having recorded the first, second, and third Marlin released or boated on every day of the Competition. The officially recorded time is the time reported by radio or telephone to Le Morne Anglers’ Club. The actual time of the communication will be recorded.

The bonus points awarded are as follow:
1st 40 points
2nd 20 points
3rd 10 points

In case of a tie in points for the winning team and/ or angler, the team, and/or angler who would have first released or boated their last Marlin will be declared the winner.


In the eventuality that a Broadbill swordfish is released or boated under the same rules and regulations applicable to marlins, it will be treated with the same conditions as for a marlin. It will qualify for points and bonus points as may be applicable.


On each day of the Competition, each team will be allowed to register two specimens of each of the following fish for one point per pound:

Yellowfin and Dogtooth Tuna – 30 lb. or more
Dorado and Wahoo – 20 lb. or more


Team Captains must report to the Scorer/ Weighmaster immediately after docking and by 17:30 latest and submit video footage of releases and those of boated fish as well as their completed scorecards. Scorecards must be submitted even if no fish is caught. Failure to comply with the above will result in a penalty of 100 points. Note that the above rule does not apply in the case where a fish is hooked and reported before 16:30 and the action extends beyond 16:30. The organisers reserve the right to ask for a sample of the line used to catch any declared fish and to inspect and verify fishing equipment on any boat at any time.


Le Morne Anglers’ Club scale will be the official scale for the competition. All fish will be weighed in pounds and weights will be rounded as follows:

From 0.1 to 0.5 no extra pound
From 0.6 to 0.9, up to the next pound


No team may take part in the Competition unless all costs have been paid in full or per voucher drawn by an authorised agent. The challenge trophies remain the property of the organisers of the Competition and will remain in Mauritius.

It is brought to attention that the words “South Indian Ocean Billfish Competition” or S I O B C may not be used in any way by any party other than Le Morne Anglers Club. It may not be used in the appellation of any team. Le Morne Anglers’ Club may authorise that the tournament’s logo be embroidered or printed on any of the teams’ wearing apparel.


Complaints and/or claims and/or disputes must be presented in writing by the Team Captain to the President of the Jury, as soon as possible after docking but in any event before 17:30 hrs. except in the case where a team has been fighting a fish hooked before lines out, fought until after 16:30 hrs, and which has delayed its docking time. Under such circumstances a claim or complaint or dispute should be submitted within 30 mins after docking.

The organisers reserve the right to sanction and/or exclude from the competition, any individual or participating team if found guilty of unsportsmanlike behaviour and/or allegation with aim to harm or discredit any participant, participating team and organisers.

The decision of the Jury will be final.